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Krystal Glaze Update

The following email was sent to our customers on 6/30/22:


After careful consideration, we have removed the words “Low Odor” and “Non-Toxic” from our newest packaging.


We realize that whether our glue is “Low Odor” is a bit subjective and depends on individual senses, so even though most of our reviews agree that Krystal Glaze Glue is low odor, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.


We also decided to remove the “Non-Toxic” claim because an ingredient in Krystal Glaze Glue can be an irritant if not used properly.


Krystal Glaze has always and will continue to meet the needs of bling artists, crafters, and creatives.


As a small business, we’re trying to protect the investment we’ve made in our product, so we’re not posting our Safety Data Sheet on our website just yet. However, we’d like you to make an educated choice.


We sincerely appreciate your business and the opportunity to help you shine bright!