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Krystal Glaze Glue
Rosie Young
Love it!

I love it! I will definitely order again.

As always I love this stuff and I’m forever a paying customer.

My go-to for most of my orders!!!!!

Yeehaw MIX 90G
Shonda England

Love !

I absolutely loved these rhinestones, they shine beautifully and look amazing on diy projects

This is the best glue for anything! It is not messy, it glues super strong and I will definitely be buying it again.

Love It!!

Can’t tell you how excited I get when I see it my mailbox. Been through manyyyyy glues and this one is the best. Thank you

Krystal Glaze Glue
Pamela Jett

Received the Krystal Glaze glue and the tube was HUGE.. definitely worth the money. This glue is PERFECTION😍 Used it on multiple projects and the hold is incredible! Will be my go to adhesive from now on!!


Very beautiful and they look so good

Krystal Glaze Glue
Kathryn McCarter
Never received my item!!

Never received my item after staying awake later than normal!!! My delivery date kept changing then receive an email saying I moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address but I still live here!!!

The Perfect adhesive

Beautiful Combination!!!

These are simply gorgeous! I'm excited to work with them too. Everything was seamless from ordering, payment & order tracking. Thank you!!

LOVE Bundle
Veronica Qualls
Love Bundle

These bundles are so accommodating. I love the mixture of different sizes. The glue is serious!!!!!! I’m in love and definitely ordering again and again 🩷

Beginner Bling Pouch
Michelle Johnson

I always love the quality of products you provide.

Bling crazy 🤪

I am in love with 3 Krystal glaze glue its concise not messy, holds well. I suggest you get yours before they run out!!!

Krystal Glaze Glue
Rubysela Steward

The best glue that I have encountered! I’ve tried many glues but they just don’t compare.
Love it! 💕

Krystal Glaze Glue
Samantha Brooks

Krystal Glaze Glue

This is glue is excellent. I started using E600 glue for blinging crocs and switched to this glue. I like that it has a fine tip and it seems that I use less glue. It dries clear which I like. If you have a sensitive nose, I recommend you use in an air vented area.

Krystal Glaze Glue

Krystal Glaze Glue

Transparent AB Glass Rhinestones

Stones are stunning.

2 pouches and I'm obsessed!

I bought a beginers pouch fully expecting plain boring rhinestones. BOY was I wrong!! These pouches are stuffed with so many great bags of stones, I immediately ordered another and low and behold another amazing mix of bags! Can't say enough! Buy one you will not regret it.

Shaker Tray

Don't like

I like it alot

Reshipping Fee
Carmen Almanzar
I love them

Thank you for your service, thank you because of you we can go to one place and find everything we need to make our things. GBY

Krystal Glaze Glue
Michelle H.
Not a fan.

Was excited when glue arrived after watching countless videos on how well it worked and how it had a low odor. I was very disappointed in what I feel is a very strong odor. The glue also made my silver back rhinestones look bubbly after they dried. Clear difference between the section of my project that used this glue versus the other glue. I did like the clear aspect and the fine tip applicator on the bottle. Unfortunately, due to the smell, and appearance of rhinestones, I will not be using this glue.